Stop Hunger Now meals are designed for malnourished individuals. Every dehydrated rice/soy meal is fortified with 23 essential vitamins and nutrients. Research has shown that one in three people in developing countries are adversely affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Addressing the problem of hunger is the single point where we can leverage relief for all humanitarian issues.


With your support, Stop Hunger Now has the means to support ongoing school and educational feeding programs that sustain lifelong change. Stop Hunger Now provides nearly 70% of its meals to support transformational development programs such as school feeding programs, vocational training programs, early childhood development programs, orphanages, and medical clinics.  Working with these programs helps enhance lives by giving beneficiaries the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education, skills development, and health care while also receiving much needed nutrition. Meals packaged at Stop Hunger Now Malaysia benefit local as well as international programs.  Meals have been shipped to partners in Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, China/Hong Kong border, and the Philippines.

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