What is a Meal Packaging Event?

Year round, community leaders and volunteers from corporations, civic organizations, communities of faith and schools package Stop Hunger Now’s dehydrated, high protein, and highly-nutritious meals which are used primarily to support education programs and to save lives in developing countries around the world.

Volunteers from around the world have packaged more than 175 million meals since 2005 through Stop Hunger Now’s unique meal packaging program. The meal packaging program is mobile – it can go wherever volunteers are located and can be adapted to accommodate as few as 25 or up to 1,000 volunteers at a time using an assembly-line process. One Stop Hunger Now event can result in the packaging of more than one million meals.

Some important aspects of the event include:

  • Volunteers watching a brief presentation from Stop Hunger Now staff about the hunger, our program, and the meal packaging process.
  • Singing and dancing as music is played and the packaging begins.
  • The ringing of a gong to celebrate a meal-packaging milestone.
  • The option of cooking meals so that volunteers can sample the food they are packaging for others.
  • Meal-packaging events last approximately 2 hours (not including setup or cleanup), depending on the amount of volunteers and venue size.
  • All you need to do is provide volunteers, a venue and raise is 1 RM for each meal you package.