The Philippines has suffered from many deadly typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters due to its location along the Ring of Fire – a large Pacific Ocean region where many of the Earth’s volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur.   Approximately 80 typhoons develop above tropical waters each year and nineteen of those enter the Philippine region with six to nine making landfall (Joint Typhoon Warning Center).

In 2013, Stop Hunger Now was in the process of establishing their permanent presence in the Philippines when Typhoon Yolanda struck.  Stop Hunger Now relief was in route before the typhoon hit land by mobilizing its vast network of international partners to coordinate response efforts that would put food, water filters, medical supplies, hygiene kits and other critical supplies on the ground in a matter of days. Stop Hunger Now Malaysia and United States mobilized quickly to re-route meals to the Philippines from events in the United States, Singapore and Malaysia.  They also worked together with local partners to organize a 120,000 meal packaging event in Manila on November 22nd.  Within the first three weeks after Typhoon Yolanda struck, Stop Hunger Now coordinated the shipment of more than one million meals and donated aid such as medical supplies, hygiene kits, and protein shakes. In all, Stop Hunger Now committed nearly 3 million meals and more than $672,800 in donated aid for a response totaling more than $1.5 million toward relief efforts in the Philippines.

Philippines Summer 2011Rise Against Hunger is committed to the mission of providing life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and responding to those affected by natural disasters. When disaster strikes, Rise Against Hunger not only provides meals packaged by our dedicated volunteers, but facilitates shipments of in-kind aid such as medical supplies, water, and food and provides cash grants to support construction projects and medical treatment clinics. To learn how to be a partner during disaster response, fill out our contact form here.